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The growth in renewables and electrification will continue to drive demand for batteries. For Victoria to get the most out of our increasing distributed energy resources, such as rooftop solar, more support is being targeted via the Neighbourhood Battery Initiative (NBI).

The NBI aims to maximise the benefits of solar for households, businesses and community organisations as the state works to halve emissions by 2030.

How does the grant work?

The Victorian Government awards up to $2.32 million in funding to support a range of neighbourhood battery models in Victoria, from feasibility to implementation. The initiative supports our understanding of neighbourhood-scale batteries' role in Victoria’s transitioning electricity system and demonstrates benefits for Victorian communities, energy users and electricity networks.

The Victorian Neighbourhood Batteries Initiatives Consultation Paper sought stakeholder views about Victoria's opportunities and challenges associated with neighbourhood-scale batteries.

Key dates

This grant round has closed for new applications.

Funded projects

The successful neighbourhood battery grant recipients were announced on 20 August 2021.

16 community, local council and industry projects across Victoria received funding. These successful projects are expected to be completed in December 2022, along with the scheduled completion of Stream 2 Energy Innovation Co-operative in June 2024.

Round 1 – August 2021

To learn more about how neighbourhood batteries work, visit Neighbourhood Batteries.

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