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What rooftop solar installers need to do

From 1 July 2024, rooftop solar installers will need to install new, upgrading or replacement solar systems compliantly with Victoria’s emergency backstop requirements. The emergency backstop is an important tool to safely integrate solar into the system, allowing more households to install solar.

Typically, this will involve:

  • selecting CSIP-AUS compliant equipment (or combination of equipment)
  • connecting the inverter(s) to the internet
  • configuring the installation to communicate with the relevant distribution business’ utility server.

Stage 2 – update

DEECA is currently reviewing the industry's readiness to meet a 1 July 2024 commencement date for Stage 2 and will provide an update on any decision to introduce transitional arrangements for compliance on the completion of this review.

Supporting solar installers to navigate solar system installation in Victoria

To support the introduction of the new emergency backstop requirements from 1 July 2024 for all new and replacement solar systems (less than or equal to 200kVA), this guide contains a summary of steps and helpful links to more detailed information for the various stages of the installation journey.

The guide may be updated from time to time to incorporate additional information from distribution businesses or to reflect any significant changes to the installation process in Victoria.

Process overview

Solar backstop process overview  Pre-sale dollar symbol and forward arrow, Apply - tick symbol and forward arrow, Pre-install book symbol and forward arrow, install and test house and forward arrow symbol, post install - check list icon and forward arrow, close out - i information symbol and forward arrow symbol
Solar backstop process overview


  1. A solar retailer (sometimes a solar installer) provides a customer with a solar system quote and information (e.g. any changes needed to the site such as switchboard upgrades).
  2. A solar customer applies for a Solar Victoria rebate (if eligible) and receives a confirmation.
  3. A solar customer/retailer contacts a solar installer to complete the installation.

Important information: only certain solar systems can be installed in Victoria and under the Solar Homes program. Be sure to check the equipment you are planning to install is compliant.


  1. Receive a request to install a solar system.
  2. Submit a pre-approval application to the relevant distributor on behalf of the customer to connect a solar system to the electricity grid (unless this has already been completed during pre-sale).
  3. Receive information detailing what and how you can connect to the electricity grid from the distributor, for example, a model standing offer.

Important information: be sure to complete the distribution business connection application prior to any installation, and be aware of any changes to product lists since the initial sale.


  1. Understand the current technical and compliance requirements and product settings relevant to installing the new solar system for the customer.
  2. If eligible, receive from the solar customer the Solar Victoria rebate confirmation QR code. Installers must scan the customer QR code before they begin work on installation day.

Important information: be aware of any technical, communication, or compliance requirements, and let the customer know about any impacts to their solar system. Any variations to the quote can breach the New Energy Tech Consumer Code (NETCC).

Install and test

  1. Install the physical solar system and complete the inverter setup per technical specifications and electrical safety requirements (as per Australian Standards).
  2. Follow the distribution business’ commissioning process to set up the inverter so it is compliant (including applying Australia A settings and in most cases, connecting to the internet).

Important information: be sure to be aware of the safety and technical requirements for installation. If this is not done completely, it may require a second visit or a delay in the solar installation. To set up the system, you will need to turn it on, test the settings, and turn it off once completed.


  1. Request for a licensed electrical inspector to conduct a safety check before the solar system can begin to generate electricity. (The electrical inspector turns on the solar system after the check.)
  2. Notify the energy retailer and distribution business, including submitting any required information to allow them to reconfigure the meter and ensure the solar system is export ready.

Important information: be sure to be aware of the information required by the retailer and distribution business to ensure you can complete this step. The system must remain off until the electrical safety inspection is approved.

Close out

  1. Inform the customer of the outcomes of the installation and commissioning process and key information about their solar system.
  2. When the distribution business has completed the meter configuration, they will inform the solar customer and retailer that the solar system is connected to the grid and export ready.

Important information: be sure to provide the latest and complete information to the customer regarding the solar system installation to ensure a compliant and safe solar system for your customer. The retailer can now access the Solar Victoria rebate.

Download the full guide

This guide may be updated from time to time to incorporate additional information from distribution businesses or to reflect any significant changes to the installation process in Victoria.


A solar installer online training module covering the emergency backstop requirements is currently in development. This webpage will be updated when this training is available.

Information for customers

The Victorian Government has prepared a factsheet that we recommend you provide to your customers. This factsheet is available on Victoria's emergency backstop for solar.

Learn more

For more information about the emergency backstop, visit Victoria's emergency backstop for solar.

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