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The Victorian Government has released a Gas Substitution Roadmap to help our state navigate the path to net zero emissions while providing greater choice and cutting energy bills.

The Roadmap outlines how we will use

  • energy efficiency
  • electrification
  • hydrogen
  • biogas

to drive down bills and cut carbon emissions.

Over 2 million Victorians use gas in their homes and businesses – more than any other state or territory

It will help empower Victorian households and businesses to embrace sustainable alternatives to fossil gas and enhance access to an affordable, secure, reliable, and safe energy supply.

Our state has been a consistent producer and net gas exporter, helping to meet the needs of Victorians and Australians in east coast gas markets.

The need for reliable, safe, affordable energy

The Victorian gas sector contributes to around 17% of our state’s net greenhouse gas emissions and must play its part in reducing emissions over time. This must be balanced with the need for reliable, safe, affordable energy.

Going more electric not only takes the pressure off gas demand and limits consumers’ exposure to international prices.

Save money and reduce your carbon emissions

Running your home on electricity will save you money and reduce carbon emissions.

An existing dual-fuel home with solar panels that upgrades to efficient electric appliances can save $570 on heating and cooling and $180 on hot water.

Completely converting to an all-electric home can save $1,250 per year, in addition to the $950 saving from the existing solar system. Adding a medium-sized battery can also save a further $520 per year.

The Victorian Government has already supported ways to enhance access to reliable, affordable, clean energy. The Gas Substitution Roadmap outlines additional actions to make this happen.

Engaging and collaborating with the community and industry

The Roadmap is the start of the journey to net zero emissions for the gas sector, and we encourage all Victorians to join us on this transition to a clean energy future.

The Victorian Government will continue to engage and collaborate with the community and industry during the gas sector’s transition to net zero emissions, including on a Roadmap update report in 2023.

Visit Engage Victoria - Help us to build Victoria's Gas Substitution Roadmap consultation for information on the consultation paper and submissions.

Page last updated: 14/10/22