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VRET2 successful projects

The Victorian Renewable Energy Target auctions - VRET1 and VRET2 - help us meet our renewable energy targets by providing long-term contracts that create investment certainty to build new energy generation projects.

Six projects have been successful under VRET2 - bringing forward 623 MW of new renewable generation capacity and delivering up to 365 MW and 600 megawatt-hours (MWh) of new battery energy storage.

The energy generated by these projects will support meeting the Victorian Government’s commitment to achieve 100%renewable electricity consumption for its operations by 2025.

VRET2 will help meet Victoria’s legislated renewable energy targets of 40% by 2025 and 50% by 2030 and continue to place downward pressure on electricity prices.

VRET2 projects will also help meet Victoria’s new renewable energy storage target of at least 2.6 gigawatts (GW) of energy storage capacity by 2030.

Funded projects

The successful projects are:

  • Derby Solar Project (95 MW with 85 MW/100 MWh storage) by Sungrow Renewable Energy, south-east of Bridgewater on Loddon
  • Fulham Solar Farm & DC Coupled Battery (80 MW with 80 MW/100 MWh storage) by Octopus Investments, west of Fulham
  • Kiamal Solar Farm – Stage 2 (150 MW with 150 MW/300 MWh storage) by Total Eren, north of Ouyen
  • Frasers Solar Farm (77 MW) by South Energy, north of Traralgon
  • Horsham Solar Farm (118.8 MW with 50 MW/100 MWh storage) by ESCO Pacific, east of Horsham
  • Glenrowan Solar Farm (102 MW) by Pacific Partnerships, south-east of Glenrowan

Four of these projects contain battery energy storage systems which with a total of 600 MWh storage capacity - approximately 1.3 times the size of the Victorian Big Battery. This additional battery storage will help manage network constraints, enhance grid stability, and help lower electricity prices by dispatching renewable energy during high price periods.

location of 6 successful VRET2 projects

Benefits of funded projects

Local content

VRET2 is expected to support 920 direct jobs and attract $1.48 billion of investment in new Victorian renewable energy projects, with strong local content requirements resulting in $1 billion of this being spent in local supply chains during construction. An estimated 200 Australian and New Zealand companies will be involved throughout construction and operations.

To find out about potential job opportunities with these projects, please contact the project developers or visit their websites for more information.


Contact details

Frasers Solar Farm

General enquiries: frasers@southenergy.com.au

Glenrowan Solar Farm

General enquiries: contactus@glenrowansolarfarm.com.au or (03) 6289 8919

Media enquiries: Fiona Tyndall

Horsham Solar Farm

General enquiries: Info@escopacific.com.au

Kiamal Solar Farm – Stage 2

General enquiries: info@kiamalsolarfarm.com.au

Media enquiries: Solange Petit de Bantel

Derby Solar Project Pty Ltd

General enquiries: info@derbysolarfarm.com.au or 03 8563 9461

Project contact: Yang Guo

Fulham Solar Farm & DC Coupled Battery

General enquiries: contact@fulhamsolar.com.au

Media enquiries: Darren Brown and copy in Sophie Gibbons

Community engagement and benefit sharing

All projects have demonstrated that they are engaging communities to at least the ‘involve’ level, as described in the Community Engagement and Benefit Sharing in Renewable Energy Development – A Guide for Renewable Energy Developers, and have committed to benefit sharing plans reflecting engagement on the needs and aspirations of local communities.

The guide, a key part of VRET2’s eligibility and evaluation criteria, sets out government expectations for community engagement and benefit sharing for renewable energy development in Victoria.

Page last updated: 22/11/22