We are planning for Victoria's future renewable energy workforce through the Victorian Energy Jobs Plan.

The Plan will support Victoria to develop the workforce required to deliver our nation-leading target of 95% renewable electricity generation by 2035, and to drive investment confidence to enable the energy transition.

Why do we need an energy jobs plan?

As Victoria’s energy sector transitions to meet our renewable energy targets, our workforce will need to change. The Victorian Energy Jobs Plan will outline the actions we need to take to develop our energy workforce to support this transition.

Importantly, the plan aims to increase visibility and understanding of Victoria’s current and forecast energy workforce.

Through the actions in the plan, we aim to:

  • support more people to enter and excel in the energy workforce, including transitioning workers
  • increase diversity in the energy workforce by supporting underrepresented groups to enter, such as women, people with disabilities and First Peoples
  • identify how Victoria’s education and training sector can support the needs of current and future energy workforce
  • support local communities across Victoria to benefit from energy sector jobs and skills development
  • improve industry confidence and increase renewable energy investment in Victoria.

Working with our stakeholders to develop the Victorian Energy Jobs Plan

The Victorian Government is engaging with key stakeholders on the plan. Feedback was invited on the Victorian Energy Jobs Plan Consultation Paper via Engage Victoria from 28 February – 8 April 2024.

This feedback on the paper will help us develop the plan. It will also guide the approach for the Wind Worker Training Centre and Hydrogen Worker Training Centre.

Next steps

The plan will be finalised in late 2024. If you have questions, please contact the Energy Skills and Workforce team at vejp@delwp.vic.gov.au.

Page last updated: 30/04/24