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By upgrading and installing energy-efficient lighting, you can reduce your power bills and save energy.

Explore the list of Victorian Energy Upgrades lighting upgrades below.


All Victorian businesses can receive discounts for outdoor, commercial and industrial lighting upgrades.

Businesses may be eligible for indoor lighting upgrades if their existing lights are fluorescent. Incentives to replace other types of lighting have now ended. Further information about these changes can be found on Engage Victoria.

All local councils and road management authorities can receive discounts for street lighting upgrades.

Victoria’s largest energy users are not eligible for lighting upgrades unless they opt in to participate in the VEU program. For further information, visit Victorian Energy Upgrades for Businesses.

How much discount to expect

Discounts for commercial and industrial lighting upgrades. Businesses only.

Remove this inefficient system

Replace with this upgrade

Indicative discount*

100 fluorescent tubes (24 watts per tube).

50 LED luminaires (16 watts per lamp)


Find an accredited provider in your area

Accredited providers often work with installers who are not listed on the registry.

Please note that as VEU is a market-based program:

  • not all accredited providers listed above may currently offer pool pumps
  • accredited providers can choose when and where they undertake upgrades.

Page last updated: 23/07/24