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VicGrid’s role in the changing energy landscape

Victoria's energy system is changing.

As our ageing and increasingly unreliable coal-fired power stations retire and are replaced by renewables, our energy grid needs to change to carry power from new renewable energy sources across the state to Victorian homes and businesses. VicGrid is working to make sure this change delivers the safe, reliable and affordable power that Victoria needs for the future and that host communities have a say and can share in the benefits of the energy transition.

VicGrid’s responsibilities

VicGrid is:

Our journey so far

In February 2021, we released the Renewable Energy Zones Development Plan Directions paper.

We then consulted industry and community stakeholders, with the volume and diversity of responses highlighting the importance of this initiative for the Victorian community and the energy industry. A summary of stakeholder views was published in the Engagement summary report.

The feedback we received has informed our subsequent policy work and consultation processes on reforms to transmission planning and development in Victoria and the prioritisation of projects to strengthen the grid. Further details on each of these workstreams is provided throughout this site.

VicGrid was established by the Victorian Government in 2021 as a division within the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action.

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