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The EV Charging for Business Fleets (EVCBF) program is now closed for assessment.


By working with businesses, the program supports projects that:

  • support the transition of business fleets to EVs
  • implement EV charging technology at business locations
  • support business leadership in the transition to EVs, removing a large barrier to EV adoption
  • create project supply chain and local jobs, for example, skills, capabilities and services across each service area
  • deliver community, economic and social benefit
  • support smart charging infrastructure technology manufacturing, installation and maintenance opportunities within the State
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions to support Victoria’s legislated net-zero by 2050 emissions reduction target and the business’s own targets and strategies
  • help stimulate a second-hand EV market at the end of vehicle lease (if applicable).


$1.5 million in grants is available to deliver the EVCBF Program across Victoria.

The funding allocation will vary depending on the fleet characteristics of the business, including demonstration of need, location, size of fleet, frequency of use and commitment to an EV transition plan.