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This page outlines available support for Victorian energy customers. This includes rebates and discounts off your energy bills, assistance to understand your energy bills and the supports in place if you are having trouble paying your energy bills.

Money off your bills through rebates, concessions and grants

Energy Bill Relief Fund

The Energy Bill Relief Fund is a direct energy bill rebate provided by the Australian Government. Learn more about the eligibility criteria and how much you can expect to receive.

$250 Power Saving Bonus payment - now closed

The fourth round of the $250 Power Saving Bonus closed for new applications on 31 August 2023.

DFFH energy concessions and hardship payments

Eligible concession cardholders can receive discounts on their energy bills. Visit the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH) website to find out more about different energy concessions and how to access them.


If you’re eligible for a concession, verify that it has been applied to your electricity and gas bills. If you’ve missed out on claiming any concessions, reach out to your energy provider. Provide them with your concession card number and ask them to back-date your concessions for the last 12 months or from your concession card start date if that is more recent.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, you may be eligible for a grant. A grant is a payment to help you pay your bills.

Visit DFFH Hardship for information on how to apply.

Businesses can get advice to help understand and manage their energy use and costs on the for businesses webpage.

Support for energy customers

Energy Assistance Program

Victorians who need additional support with their energy bills can seek help through the Victorian Government’s Energy Assistance Program.

The Energy Assistance Program gives Victorians free, tailored, one-on-one help navigating the energy market and saving money on their energy bills.

The Energy Assistance Program can also help if your eligible energy concession is not attached to your electricity account. You can contact the Energy Assistance Program team via free call on 1800 161 215 or visit the Energy Assistance Program webpage.

Understanding your energy bill

Knowing how to read your energy bill can help you reduce your energy use and save money.

Your energy rights

Victoria's Payment Difficulty Framework

Under Victoria’s Payment Difficulty Framework, your energy retailer must let you know what help is available if you are having trouble paying your energy bills. This includes discussing various flexible payment options and making disconnection a last resort.

To learn more about your right to assistance under Victoria’s nation-leading Payment Difficulty Framework, visit the Essential Services Commission.


Talk to your energy retailer early if you are struggling to pay your bills. Ask to speak to their hardship team, who can outline your options.

Victorian Default Offer

The Victorian Default Offer is a simple and fair electricity price set annually by the Essential Services Commission, not energy retailers. It provides Victorian energy customers access to a fair electricity deal even if they are unable or unwilling to engage in the retail market.

For more information, visit the Essential Services Commission.

Complaints about your energy retailer or bill

Step 1: Contact your retailer

Always contact your energy retailer first (unless it is about a power outage - then you should contact your distributor). Your retailer is the business that bills you for your electricity or gas use. You can find contact details for your retailer on your energy bill.

Step 2: Contact the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria

If you have asked your retailer for help but are not satisfied with their response, contact the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria (EWOV). EWOV is an independent, free dispute resolution service for energy and water issues. It aims to settle problems fairly, independently and as fast as possible. EWOV can help resolve issues so you can manage your bills and keep your energy connected. Visit EWOV or call 1800 500 509 (free call).

If you are having a problem with your energy retailer, distributor or embedded network provider, or feel they may be doing the wrong thing under Victoria’s energy legislation (the law), in addition to contacting EWOV, you can make a complaint through the Essential Services Commission.

Visit the Essential Services Commission website or phone 1300 664 969.

Energy Fairness Plan

Through reforms to the energy retail market, the Energy Fairness Plan benefits Victorian energy customers by:

  • making energy retail markets simpler and fairer
  • cutting the cost of energy for Victorian households and small businesses
  • ensuring companies that do the wrong thing face the consequences.

Learn more.

Stay ahead of energy prices

Want to lower your energy bills? There are many things you can do to save energy and money, including ensuring you are on the best electricity plan with Victorian Energy Compare. following simple energy saving tips, upgrading to energy efficient appliances and investing to save long term through solar and batteries.

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