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The Renewable Hydrogen Commercialisation Pathways Fund (CPF) provided grant funding for capital works projects that support the building of hydrogen pilots, trials, and demonstrations.

The CPF program is now closed. Applications have been assessed, providing:

  • grants to 5 applicants
  • funding for capital works projects that support the building of hydrogen pilots, trials, and demonstrations.


The fund is an initiative under the Victorian Renewable Hydrogen Industry Development Plan. The objectives were to:

  • kick-start investment in Victoria’s renewable hydrogen sector
  • unlock co-investment and partnership opportunities for applicants, creating new jobs and economic growth for Victoria
  • provide an evidence base for decarbonisation through renewable hydrogen and enable demonstration projects to lead the way to commercialisation
  • raise awareness of hydrogen in Victoria
  • create a streamlined process for industry-government interactions and knowledge sharing.

Funded projects

All successful projects demonstrated that only renewable energy sources have been used to generate the energy required for hydrogen production.

Volgren Australia Pty Ltd

The project will develop 2 hydrogen fuel cell electric buses for demonstration, trial and commercialisation. The fuel cells onboard the buses utilise renewable hydrogen to produce electricity and differ from standard battery-electric vehicles that rely solely on energy stored in onboard batteries.

  • Location: Dandenong
  • Funding awarded: $1,800,000
  • Project cost: $4,000,000

Viva Energy Group Limited

The project will develop a hydrogen refuelling station as part of a public new energies service station and co-locate renewable hydrogen refuelling with electric vehicle charging to deliver new energy solutions to customers.

The project will be supported by 2 fuel cell electric vehicle trucks and supports the integration of renewable hydrogen in the transportation sector.

  • Location: Corio
  • Funding awarded: $1,000,000
  • Project cost: $43,300,000

Energys Australia Pty Ltd

The project will develop a renewable hydrogen production facility that will produce renewable hydrogen via electrolysis. It will facilitate the uptake of renewable hydrogen. Not only for use in the transportation sector but also as an alternative for other ways diesel is currently utilised.

  • Location: Mulgrave
  • Funding awarded: $1,000,000
  • Project cost: $4,000,000

Boundary Power Pty Ltd

The project will develop the demonstration of a first-of-its-kind in Australia renewable standalone power system using solar power and a renewable hydrogen hydride battery to store and generate electricity when required.

  • Location: Ringwood
  • Funding awarded: $176,150
  • Project cost: $352,350

Telstra Corporation Limited

This project will deploy a renewable hydrogen fuel cell generator at regional mobile communication sites. It will remove the reliance on fossil fuel generators and enable renewable hydrogen to support the electricity system and reliability for telecom services in times of high demand.

  • Locations: Christmas Hills, Kinglake, Chum Creek, Coldstream and Neerim North.
  • Funding awarded: $1,115,185
  • Project cost: $2,494,378

Page last updated: 06/06/23