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The smart meter at your home or small business measures the electricity you use.

How does my smart meter work?

Your meter records electricity usage every 30 minutes and automatically sends this data to your electricity distributor.

Smart meter benefits

Remote meter readings

Smart meters provide accurate real-time information about electricity usage. This means no more manual meter readings or estimated bills.

Tracks your energy use

You can see your usage in almost real-time using web portals and in-home displays. This means you can have more control over your daily energy use.

You can also easily monitor what percentages of solar and mains electricity you are using and change your usage patterns to take advantage of your solar generation.

Energy consumption alerts

You can set up your system to receive messages warning you of excessive energy consumption so that you can take action.

Faster and cheaper costs when moving house

Power companies can turn the power on or off remotely. As a result, disconnection and reconnection fees have dropped from about $25 to between $5 and $8.

Smoother switching between retailers

As your meter is read daily, you no longer need to wait weeks or months to switch retailers. Connecting, disconnecting or switching to a new electricity retailer is cheaper and easier. You can get onto a better plan and start saving immediately.

Flexible pricing

Flexible pricing means different rates for electricity at different times of the day. Remotely-read smart meters allow you to choose between flat rates and new flexible electricity pricing.

Faster detection of outages and faults

Smart meters can notify your distribution business in real time if your power is out. These outage alerts can speed up power reconnection because:

  • the problem can be pinpointed instantly
  • repair crews can be prioritised and start repairs sooner
  • smart meters can then verify whether power has been restored to all meters.

SMS outage notifications

Register with your distribution company for a free SMS service to notify you of major electricity outages. You will receive information about outages in your area and the estimated restoration time.

Who is responsible for my smart meter?

Victoria's 5 electricity distributors install smart meters. They own and manage the poles and wires that deliver power to homes and businesses.

Contact details for Victoria's electricity distributors

CompanyAreaFaults General enquiries
AusNet Services Outer northern and eastern suburbs and eastern Victoria 13 17 991300 360 795
CitiPower City and inner suburbs 13 12 801300 301 101
Jemena Northern and north-western suburbs 13 16 261300 131 871
Powercor Australia Western suburbs and western Victoria 13 24 1213 22 06
United Energy Distribution Southern suburbs and Mornington peninsula 13 20 991300 131 689

If you have a complaint about an electricity retailer or distributor and have been unable to resolve it directly with them, you can call the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria for assistance or call 1800 500 509.

Page last updated: 07/09/22