The Residential Efficiency Scorecard rates your home's energy use and comfort, and provides tailored recommendations for improvements.

Scorecard is a unique program that provides an energy star rating for your home. In the same way a fridge has a star rating, Scorecard provides a rating based on the average energy cost to run your home over a year. Scorecard assessments are delivered by government-accredited assessors, who provide a certificate with information tailored specifically to you and your home.

The Scorecard certificate also provides an easy-to-understand snapshot of how well your home copes with hot and cold weather. It allows you to compare your home’s energy use with similar homes, and quickly see how to improve your home’s performance and save money on your bills.

Excited by home energy efficiency? Scorecard assessors help households save money and live more comfortably. Maybe a career as a Scorecard assessor is right for you? We are currently accepting applications across Australia to become a Scorecard assessor.

Page last updated: 15/11/22