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The DCAV program is closed for applications. Applications have been assessed, providing:

  • grants to 32 applicants
  • $5 million in grant funding
  • the planned installation of 141 EV fast-charging stations located within 116 high-use areas and tourist spots across regional and metropolitan Victoria.


The DCAV program makes it easier for Victorians to charge their EV. Establishing an EV fast-charging network at key tourist destinations and regional towns across Victoria, will:

  • make EV fast-charging technology readily available at destination locations, including recreational community destinations and high-use locations
  • ensure even coverage of fast-charging infrastructure that is readily available for Victorians across the state
  • create project supply chain and local jobs, for example, skills, capabilities and services across each service area
  • consider broader economic and social benefits for Victorian communities
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Creating an EV fast-charging network at key tourist destinations and high-use locations allows EVs to be charged while EV drivers go about their business. These chargers, depending on their power rating, can provide 100 km worth of range in as little as 10 minutes.

Destination fast-chargers

Destination fast-chargers give EV owners the confidence to top up on charge when needed and are searchable online (visit plugshare.com).

By expanding this critical infrastructure, Victoria is laying the groundwork for the increased take-up of ZEVs. Read our Zero Emissions Vehicles Roadmap helping us to reach our target of 50% of all new light vehicle sales to be ZEV by 2030.

Funded projects

Projects totalling over $4.3 million in grant funding have been allocated across regional Victoria and over $650,000 across metropolitan Melbourne.

The key objective of the DCAV program is to ensure a geographical spread of EV chargers across the State of Victoria. The DCAV program complements existing, in-progress and soon-to-commence charging infrastructure initiatives taking place across Victoria. These initiatives were considered when assessing applications, resulting in the final selection of locations and a reallocation of a portion of metropolitan funding to regional locations.

Charger locations

This interactive map shows the location of the operational and soon-to-be operational State Government supported chargers. It is important to note that exact site addresses may change.

Projects completed

Projects in progress - Barwon South West

Projects in progress - Gippsland

Projects in progress - Grampians

There are currently no projects in progress for the Grampians region.

Projects in progress - Hume

Projects in progress - Port Phillip region

Projects in progress - Various

Page last updated: 31/03/23