By implementing supportive policies, the Government is giving the renewable energy sector the confidence needed to invest in the renewable energy projects and jobs that are crucial to our State's future.

In June 2016, the Victorian Government committed to Victorian renewable energy generation targets of 25 per cent by 2020 and 40 per cent by 2025. These targets will be supported by a competitive reverse auction scheme.

The scheme is designed to:

  • Deliver up to 1500 megawatts (MW) of new large-scale renewable energy capacity by 2020 and up to 5400MW by 2025.
  • Support capital expenditure of around $9 billion in renewable energy projects, which would result in about $2.5 billion of direct investment in Victoria; and
  • Create up to 11,000 two-year construction jobs over the life of the scheme, particularly in regional Victoria. In the peak year of project construction, the scheme is expected to deliver over 4,000 renewable energy jobs.

Media release: Renewable energy targets to create thousands of jobs


A consultation paper on the detailed design of Victoria's renewable energy auction scheme is available via the link below.

The consultation paper sought feedback on the design of the overall scheme structure, as well as on specific scheme components including payment structure, contracting elements, scheme administration and cost recovery mechanism, and auction evaluation principles.

Workshops were held on 23 and 24 August 2016 for key stakeholders and interested members of the public to provide verbal feedback on the consultation paper.

Written submissions

Following the workshops into the design of the scheme, feedback was also invited through written submissions to the Consultation Paper via

The Government received submissions from a range of renewable energy project developers, financiers, peak bodies, agencies and individuals. Written submissions closed on 31 August 2016.

A summary of the submissions has been prepared and can be found below.

Victorian Renewable Energy Auction Scheme summary report of stakeholder submissions (PDF, 594.9 KB)

Non-confidential submissions into the design of the Victorian Renewable Energy Auction Scheme Consultation Paper are below.

ABB [PDF File - 800.4 KB]
AGL Energy [PDF File - 214.1 KB]
Ai Group [PDF File - 783.9 KB]
Anonymous [PDF File - 126.8 KB]
Aurecon [PDF File - 722.6 KB]
AusNet Services et al [PDF File - 137.9 KB]
Australian Energy Council [PDF File - 2.4 MB]
Australian Energy Market Operator [PDF File - 396.1 KB]
Australian Forests and Climate Alliance [PDF File - 685.5 KB]
Australian Gas Networks [PDF File - 366.0 KB]
Australian Industry Greenhouse Network [PDF File - 209.6 KB]
Australian Institute of Petroleum [PDF File - 416.0 KB]
Australian Wind Alliance [PDF File - 107.1 KB]
Business Council of Australia [PDF File - 163.4 KB]
Canadian Solar [PDF File - 278.6 KB]
Cement Industry Federation [PDF File - 131.3 KB]
City of Melbourne [PDF File - 45.4 KB]
CleanSight [PDF File - 396.3 KB]
Clean Energy Council [PDF File - 372.1 KB]
Clean Energy Regulator [PDF File - 882.9 KB]
Committee for Portland [PDF File - 94.7 KB]
Community Power Agency et al [PDF File - 321.0 KB]
CSR Limited [PDF File - 233.4 KB]
Edify Energy [PDF File - 886.8 KB]
Embark [PDF File - 162.8 KB]
Energy for the People [PDF File - 182.7 KB]
Energy Networks Association [PDF File - 913.3 KB]
EnergyAustralia [PDF File - 750.4 KB]
EnergyAustralia-Attachment 1 [PDF File - 73.8 KB]
Environment Victoria [PDF File - 359.0 KB]
First Solar [PDF File - 209.1 KB]
Friends of the Earth [PDF File - 537.1 KB]
Geelong Sustainability [PDF File - 127.6 KB]
GHD [PDF File - 185.7 KB]
Goldwind [PDF File - 118.9 KB]
Grattan Institute [PDF File - 256.9 KB]
Herbert Smith Freehills [PDF File - 673.8 KB]
Individual [PDF File - 319.6 KB]
Industry Capability Network [PDF File - 467.3 KB]
Infigen Energy [PDF File - 372.5 KB]
Intelligent Energy Systems [PDF File - 442.6 KB]
Keppel Prince Engineering [PDF File - 300.6 KB]
Melbourne Energy Institute [PDF File - 340.4 KB]
Minerals Council of Australia - Victorian Division [PDF File - 298.3 KB]
National Australia Bank [PDF File - 252.6 KB]
Origin [PDF File - 252.8 KB]
Palisade Investment Partners Limited [PDF File - 352.2 KB]
Reach Solar Energy [PDF File - 145.0 KB]
Senvion Australia [PDF File - 120.2 KB]
Technical Insight [PDF File - 177.3 KB]
Thycon [PDF File - 352.5 KB]
Union Fenosa Wind Australia [PDF File - 5.7 MB]
Vestas Australian Wind Technology [PDF File - 773.2 KB]
Victorian Trades Hall Council [PDF File - 354.5 KB]
Voices of the Valley [PDF File - 220.0 KB]