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There are many benefits to choosing an efficient induction cooktop over gas alternatives.

Induction cooktops:

  • are around 3 times more efficient than gas cooktops, driving down bills and emissions
  • are also far healthier. They avoid emissions of harmful contaminants that cause respiratory illnesses and symptoms
  • are favoured by a growing range of professional chefs. Induction cooktops heat with more precision, cook quicker, and provide greater temperature control.

Cooktops also promote cooler kitchens. The cooktop surface only heats when a pan is present. This contains the heat in the pan and not in the surrounding environment.

Finally, they are easier to clean, requiring a simple wipe-down.

Induction cooktops are often the last gas appliance in a house. Removing them allows the home to be gas free.

This means the annual gas network connection charges will be permanently avoided. This saves around $350 to $400 yearly on fixed network charges, in addition to lower energy cost for cooking.

Supporting Victorian households to transition to induction cooktops also lowers the risk of Victorian children developing respiratory conditions such as asthma.

New VEU activity being developed to incentivise induction cooktops

The latest update to the Gas Substitution Roadmap announced that the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program will include induction cooktops in 2024. The program will then include all the major gas appliances commonly used in households.

In the first half of 2024, we will conduct a public consultation. The consultation will inform the design and implementation of a new VEU activity to support households installing new induction cooktops. We will work with suppliers and retailers of induction cooktops to determine the best way to bring these products into the scheme quickly.

We aim to offer discounts for some consumer models in the second half of 2024.

Page last updated: 06/02/24