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Assess how energy efficient your home is

Under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program, you can now assess your home's energy efficiency rating through the Residential Efficiency Scorecard.

With a Scorecard assessment, you can:

  • get an energy efficiency star rating based on your home's energy use: the higher the stars, the lower your energy costs over a year
  • understand how your home and appliances use energy
  • receive a comfort rating for how well your home copes with hot and cold weather
  • get targeted recommendations for improving your home's energy efficiency and comfort
  • reduce energy bills and emissions.


You can get a Scorecard assessment for an existing:

  • house or townhouse
  • unit or apartment.

You cannot get a Scorecard assessment in a home that shares heating, ventilation and air conditioning with other dwellings.

Assessments are not eligible for VEU rebates/discounts if:

  • you have received a VEU-incentivised Scorecard assessment at your current address in the last 5 years
  • your home is a rooming house, guest house, hostel, designated student accommodation, or on retirement village land.

Your participation is voluntary.

How to organise your assessment

Participation in the VEU program is voluntary for Scorecard customers and assessors.

To get a discount or rebate, you must engage a VEU accredited provider who offers this activity.

The accredited provider will be able to explain the following:

  • the steps to participate
  • the necessary qualifications of the assessor providing the Scorecard assessment.

To check if a business is an accredited provider, go to the Essential Services Commission's VEU Registry of Accredited Persons:

  • select the 'Business Name' menu
  • scroll down until you see the accredited provider you are searching for.

Assessors can also be contacted directly through their contact details listed on the Scorecard website.

Remember: not all assessors will offer rebates, as participation is voluntary.

Tips when organising an assessment

  • shop around. As with any service, it's worth looking at different assessors and accredited providers to find the right fit for your needs.
  • ensure you are eligible for a rebate by checking eligibility.
  • confirm your assessor's name and VEU registration on the Scorecard website.

Remember to do your research on accredited providers and Scorecard assessors. Accredited providers operate freely like any other business, choosing what services and upgrades they deliver and under what timeframes. Assessors may have different specialities and offer assessments at different prices.

How much rebate can you expect?

The average cost of a Scorecard assessment is between $250 to $500 but will depend on the size of your home, its location and the complexity of the assessment. Most homes will be eligible for a rebate of approximately $140.

Incentives of up to the following amounts are available for the average household:

Location of dwellingIndicative rebate*

*Discount or rebate will vary. This figure is based on a certificate price of $70.

Who does the assessment?

Assessments are done by Scorecard assessors, who are government-accredited home energy efficiency experts. They provide targeted advice and information to ensure that money you spend on upgrades will lead to a more comfortable, cheaper-to-run home.

Find an assessor

Assessors providing a Scorecard assessment under the VEU program must be listed on the Scorecard website.

Page last updated: 15/02/24