Renewable hydrogen, produced using renewable energy, is a clean and versatile energy carrier that has the potential to touch on all parts of our economy and transform energy systems.

Renewable hydrogen can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels, including in place of some liquid transport fuels and natural gas, to support our electricity sector as stored fuel and as a potential export commodity.

Renewable hydrogen can also bring positive outcomes for communities through decarbonisation and environmental benefits and create new jobs and career pathways for Victorians.

Working in partnership with businesses, the higher education sector and the community, the Victorian Government aims to establish a thriving renewable hydrogen economy to accelerate decarbonisation and promote economic recovery.

Renewable Hydrogen Grants

The Victorian Government is supporting the emerging hydrogen economy through two grants programs. The Renewable Hydrogen Business Ready Fund (BRF) is supporting business cases or feasibility studies, while the Renewable Hydrogen Commercialisation Pathways Fund (CPF) is supporting pilot programs, trials and demonstrations.

These 2 programs support the goals of the Victorian Renewable Hydrogen Industry Development Plan by ensuring the industrial sector is ready for renewable hydrogen and by enabling projects that demonstrate how hydrogen can be used effectively. Applications closed in August 2021 and the funding outcomes have now been released.

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Renewable Hydrogen Business Ready Fund

Renewable Hydrogen Commercialisation Pathways Fund

Renewable Hydrogen Factsheet (DOCX, 275.3 KB)

The Renewable Hydrogen Industry Development Plan

Renewable Hydrogen IDP front cover

The Victorian Renewable Hydrogen Industry Development Plan (the Plan) sets out a blueprint to capitalise on renewable hydrogen's economic opportunity, including creating long-term jobs and new career pathways and enabling the state's transition to net-zero emissions. It was developed following extensive consultation with industry stakeholders and seeks to address the challenges identified by stakeholders.

It takes a principles-based approach to establish a new renewable hydrogen sector and sets out activities currently underway, which are laying the foundations, connecting the economy and leading the development of this emerging technology sector.

The focus areas for government are set out in this Plan and map the pathway to establishing a thriving renewable hydrogen industry, that will:

  • create long-term jobs through new career pathways and skills clusters
  • enable the export of renewable energy
  • drive innovation
  • build our skills and capacity in renewable hydrogen, and
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions across our industrial, energy and transport sectors.

This Plan recognises the significant potential of hydrogen for our state and focuses on hydrogen production using renewable energy.

Page last updated: 19/01/22