Speaker 1:Victoria is building the foundations for a thriving renewable hydrogen economy, ensuring our state can capture the benefits of this emerging clean energy source.

Over the coming years, Victoria will scale up, skill up, and build a strong supply chain, to foster a thriving renewable hydrogen economy. This in turn could drive a range of economic, social, and environmental benefits for our communities.

Victoria has a significant competitive advantage to develop a thriving future renewable hydrogen sector. Thanks to our abundant renewable energy sources, an extensive natural gas network, established freight networks, skilled workforce, and deep water ports for export capability.

All Victorian regions have a role to play in establishing Victor's hydrogen economy and bring their own strengths that could support a thriving sector. From the Southwest, with its access to a deep water port and plentiful wind energy, to the Northeast, with connections to the Hume Highway refueling network and high volumes of freight vehicles, to Central Victoria with its solar resources and gas infrastructure.

And through our statewide network of hydrogen technology clusters, we're partnering with industry and connecting the sector to build an integrated hydrogen economy across our state.

Renewable hydrogen presents more than just an opportunity to decarbonize. It has the potential to attract investment, provide more jobs for more people, and deliver a cleaner, cheaper, and stronger energy system for all.

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Page last updated: 21/11/23