With the growing need to combat climate change, the Victorian Government is acting to transition to net zero emissions by 2050, and this includes planning for our transition to zero emissions vehicles.

One of the biggest (and growing) sources of greenhouse gas emissions is the transport sector. Zero emissions vehicles using clean, renewable energy, can provide opportunities to achieve significant reductions in greenhouse gases. They will also reduce the amount of air pollution, making our cities and towns more liveable.

Zero emissions vehicles will interact closely with our electricity system – increasing demand, changing when and how we use and access the electricity grid, and potentially providing new forms of energy storage.

A car being filled up with electricity

Photo sourced from Chargefox.

We need to align planning for zero emissions vehicles with planning for our energy system – to ensure that it is ready and able to respond to these changes and that we maximise the benefits for all Victorians.

With the market for zero emissions vehicles expected to mature over the next decade, the Victorian Government is preparing a Zero Emissions Vehicle Roadmap, to be released soon, to manage the transition.

The Victorian Government is already taking action that will support the transition including funding:

  • a commercial electric vehicle manufacturing facility that is being established in Morwell in the Latrobe Valley and commencing operations in 2021, manufacturing around 2,400 vehicles per year and creating up to 500 jobs.
  • the roll out of Australia’s fastest electric vehicle charging stations by early 2020 at 7 sites across Victoria - Euroa, Barnawartha North (near Wodonga), Melbourne, Torquay, Latrobe Valley, Ballarat and Horsham. Powered by 100% renewable energy, the charging stations are capable of fully charging an electric vehicle with a range of up to 400 kilometres in under 15 minutes.

News update

October 2020

Victoria is the first state in Australia to introduce the latest generation ultra-rapid EV charging stations capable of fully charging an Electric Vehicle in under 15 minutes and sourced from 100% renewable energy.

The Victorian Government has provided $3 million funding to support Chargefox’s roll-out of seven ultra-rapid charging sites across Victoria at: Airport West, Euroa, Barnawartha North, Moe, Torquay, Ballarat and Horsham.

All sites are now operating, accelerating Victoria’s charging network across the state.

Current and planned EV charging stations in Victoria

A map showing Victorian charging stations

To inform the development of the Zero Emissions Vehicle Roadmap, the Victorian Government has sought views from a range of stakeholders – consumers, energy providers and industry and we would like to hear more.

The below documents provide further background on the need for Victoria to be ready for zero emission vehicles and how it is part of our transitions to a net zero emissions economy. This includes issues and questions on which we would like to hear your views.


If you like to make any comments on our transition to zero emissions vehicles, please email zev@delwp.vic.gov.au

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