Modernising Victoria's electricity system

With climate change resulting in hotter summers, peak demand for electricity is rising. At the same time, Victoria’s ageing coal-fired generators are becoming increasingly unreliable, resulting in a need for additional capacity to ensure the state’s power supply.

The Victorian Government has utilised its powers under the amended National Electricity (Victoria) Act (NEVA) to fast-track the Australian Energy Market Operator’s (AEMO) procurement of a 300 megawatt (MW) battery. The battery will be installed at the Moorabool Terminal Station, near Geelong, ahead of the 2021-22 summer period.

The ‘Victorian Big Battery’ will operate as a virtual transmission line between November and March each year, enabling increased flows of up to 250 MW over the Victoria-New South Wales interconnector. This will alleviate unscheduled load shedding over the peak summer months.

The battery will also participate in energy markets throughout the year, with 50 MW availablefor this purpose during the summer and the full 300 MW at other times. This additional capacity will lower electricity prices for all Victorians and deliver significant net benefits to Victoria, far outweighing the cost of the project.

Australia's largest battery

Page last updated: 06/11/20