[On-screen text: Bulgana. Green Energy Hub]

[On-screen image: Map showing points of Bulgana, Stawell, Ballarat, and Melbourne.]

[On-screen text: Laurent Francisci. Chief Operating Officer, Neoen Australia]

Laurent Francisci: We are in the northern Grampians area, very close to Stawell. The project features 56 wind turbines and 20 megawatt of storage capacity.

[On-screen text: It’s yearly output of 750,000MWh is the equivalent to powering 150,000 homes.]

[On-screen text: It’s yearly output of 750,000MWh is the equivalent to powering 150,000 homes.]

[On-screen text: Displacing 765,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.]

[On-screen text: Planting 6 million trees.]

[On-screen text: Removing 235,000 cars from the road.]

Laurent: This is a beautiful project aiming to provide environmentally and economically sound, wind and storage production that will in turn assist in ensuring Victorian energy security. Reducing prices for consumers and playing a major contribution in reducing carbon Co2 emission.

[On-screen text: Cr Murray Emerson. Northern Grampians Shire Council]

Murray Emerson: Bulgara Green Energy Hub was an idea to have an energy entails in our community. From everybody’s point of view, I think green energy is a very important means of energy going forward. So we’re now into that business and that will benefit, not only our community, but the community where some of this energy might well be going.

Laurent: We’re extremely proud of what has been done in Bulgana both by the team that set up the scheme in place. But also with the support of the Northern Grampians area council and all local stakeholders, neighbours, land owners and local community. It’s important for us to be at forefront of the energy transition and we believe this Hub is a great example of this.

[On-screen text: Be part of Victoria’s clean energy future. Energy.vic.gov.au]

[On-screen text: Victorian energy. Cleaner. Cheaper. Better.]

[On-screen image: Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning logo]

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