High Voltage Line - working to make communities safer

[On-screen text: Powerline Bushfire Safety Program. Working to make communities safer.]

[On-screen text: 7 February 2009. Black Saturday. Extreme weather conditions. As many as 400 individual fires.]

[On-screen text: Australia's highest ever loss of life from bushfires.]

[On-screen text: In response to the devastation of Black Saturday, the Victorian Government is working to reduce bushfire risk, protecting life and property, by replacing powerlines in the highest bushfire prone areas. Giving Victoria the most bushfire safe power network in the country.]

[On-screen text: First phase of staged works across Victoria.]

[On-screen image: Map of Victoria showing points indicating areas of the first phase.]

[On-screen text: Bare wire high voltage powerlines retired. Replacement underground high voltage powerlines.]

[On-screen text: Otway Ranges.]

[On-screen text: Protecting communities from powerline started bushfires.]

[On-screen text: Victoria works being supported by Victorian industries.]

[On-screen text: Together powerlines and vegetation can start bushfires.]

[On-screen text: Removing hundreds of powerlines from the environment.]

[On-screen text: Major works protecting townships.]

[On-screen text: The Victorian Government's Powerline Bushfire Safety Program.]

[On-screen image: Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning logo]

[On-screen text: Delivering safer communities from bushfires.]

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