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29 May 2023: Consumer fact sheets and response to consultations published

Fact sheets

The Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (the department) has published the consumer fact sheets for space heating and cooling and water heating activities. These fact sheets provide information and guidance to consumers about choosing appropriately sized systems and must be provided to consumers before they agree to a water heating or space heating and cooling upgrade through the VEU program. The fact sheets can be found on Engage Victoria here:

The fact sheets will also be added to the department’s website for these activities along with additional supporting detail on sizing and other considerations for consumers once the activities go live on 31 May 2023.

Response to consultations

The department has published response to consultation documents for the sizing consultations open over March 2023. These documents can be found here:

Sizing requirements

The accredited provider or scheme participant (e.g. the installer) must, before the energy consumer agrees to undertake that activity:

  • provide the energy consumer with a copy of the relevant VEU activity fact sheet, as published on the department’s website; and
  • give clear and accurate information to the energy consumer about the suitability of the product to be installed for the needs of the consumer, having regard to the consumer’s premises; and
  • advise the energy consumer on whether the size of the product to be installed is consistent with the size recommended in the relevant fact sheet.

The exact requirements for each activity can be found in the activity Specifications have been published on our industry specifications page.

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