Save your customers money and energy with the Victorian Energy Upgrades program

With the VEU program, you can:

  • increase your customer base by offering discounted energy efficient products and services
  • reduce greenhouse gases.

The VEU is a voluntary Victorian government initiative that incentivises Victorians to make energy efficient improvements to their homes and businesses. VEU helps cut power bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Opportunities for tradespeople

You can offer your customers energy saving products. Offering higher quality and more efficient products at a similar or reduced price will give your business an energy efficient edge.

Through VEU, you can collect a rebate for installing these energy-efficient products. This rebate can be used to lower costs for consumers, making energy efficient products the number one choice. The rebate amount depends on how much energy is saved from the installed product. The more energy saved through a product installed, the bigger the rebate.

Note: depending on your current skill set and the activity, you might not need further training to install energy efficient products – you could be installing accredited products already.

How do I get involved?

There are 2 steps to participating:

Step 1

First, you need to investigate the opportunities you would like to deliver.

Step 2

To offer discounted/rebated upgrades to your consumers, you must either:

  • work with an accredited provider
  • become an accredited provider.

VEU Code of Conduct

The VEU program has a Code of Conduct setting out minimum standards of behaviour to protect consumers. This applies to everyone involved in delivering or marketing upgrades. VEU Code of Conduct.

Page last updated: 07/09/22