VEU specifications

The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Regulations 2018 commenced on 10 December 2018 and provided for deemed activities in the VEU program.

The VEU specifications set out:

  • how prescribed activities under regulation 10 of the Regulations can be carried out in a manner that achieves additional abatement, thereby making them eligible for incentives
  • how to determine the amount of carbon dioxide equivalent (in tonnes) of greenhouse gas emissions that are reduced by carrying out an activity prescribed in the Regulations
  • any other matters left to it by the Regulations.

The guidelines for updating the Victorian Energy Upgrades Specifications – Version 1.0 outline the process followed when updating or changing the Specifications.

Current Victorian Energy Upgrade specifications

VEU Specifications

The Victorian Energy Upgrades Specifications Version 14.0 come into effect from 1 February 2022 and implement previously announced changes to lighting activities under Parts 21, 27, 34 and 35.

Page last updated: 30/01/23