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The Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program helps Victorians cut power bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Since 2009, the program has supported over 2 million households to upgrade their appliances and equipment. Products include lighting, space heating and cooling, water heating, and draft sealing.


Every Victorian household can participate in the program and be eligible for incentives for energy-efficient products and services.

Your participation is voluntary.

How much can I save?

The average household can save between $120 and $1,100 a year on energy costs depending on the upgrade.

How do I participate?

To access discount products and services through the program, you must work with an accredited provider authorised to install Victorian Energy Upgrades products. Accredited providers are businesses approved to participate in the program.

Get started

Participating in the program is easy:

Step 1: Look at the available products.

Step 2: Choose the products you want to install to reduce energy costs.

Step 3: Engage an accredited provider authorised to install VEU products. They are responsible for organising a discount or rebate for any upgrades you choose to install. They will tell you:

  • what products can you use
  • the necessary qualifications of the tradesperson installing the product.

For more information, visit about the VEU program.

Your rights under the VEU program

The VEU program has a code of conduct that sets out minimum standards of behaviour. It is aimed at protecting consumers. The code applies to everyone involved in delivering or marketing upgrades.

Find out what an accredited provider or third party operating on their behalf must do if they contact you about the VEU program.

VEU for property managers

VEU for local councils

How the VEU program works

Victorian Energy Upgrades is a government energy efficiency program. Households and businesses can receive rebates or discounts on energy-saving products. This helps cut power bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Visit About the VEU program

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