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Clothes dryers are a major contributor to energy use. Using a clothesline or drying rack is the best way to reduce energy costs, although sometimes it's hard to avoid turning on the dryer, particularly in winter.

Investing in an energy-efficient electric clothes dryer is a great way to reduce energy use.


To be eligible to upgrade your clothes dryer and get a discount/rebate, you must:

Your participation is voluntary.

How to organise an energy-efficient clothes dryer

To organise an energy-efficient clothes dryer, you must work with an accredited provider. Accredited providers deliver or facilitate upgrades/rebates under the VEU program.

To check if a person or business is an accredited provider, visit the Essential Services Commission’s VEU Registry of Accredited Persons and:

  • select the 'Business Name' drop-down menu
  • scroll until you find your preferred accredited provider.

Tips when organising an upgrade

  1. Shop around. As with any market, it’s worth shopping around and finding the right fit for your needs.
  2. Ensure the product's suitability. To get a rebate, you must install an approved product. Search the Essential Services Commission register of products for approved products.
  3. Accredited providers operate freely like any other businesses and can choose what upgrades they deliver, with some keeping waiting lists for activities and may contact you if circumstances change.

Remember to do your research on products. Not all products are of the same quality or suitability for all working environments.

How much rebate can you expect?

To be purchasedIndicative rebate*
High-efficiency clothes dryer $60 per dryer

*Discount or rebate will vary. This figure is based on a certificate price of $60 and the average efficiency of products improved under the program.

The final price will depend on several factors including:

  • certificate price
  • type of clothes dryer
  • location
  • installation costs
  • administrative costs by accredited providers.

Find an accredited provider in your area

Page last updated: 07/09/22