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Consultation on the process for setting the targets for the Victorian Energy Upgrades program

We held an information session on Monday 15 October 2018 about the process for setting the targets for the Victorian Energy Upgrades program for 2021 to 2025. You can find the presentation from the session here.

Next year we will be conducting formal consultations as part of the process to set the 2021 to 2025 targets for Victorian Energy Upgrades. This will commence with the release of a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) and invitation for formal submissions. Ahead of this process, we are interested in hearing your thoughts on considerations we should bring to the development of the RIS.

You may wish to address the following questions in your response:

  1. What other energy and climate change policies do you think we should consider in setting targets?
  2. What issues would you like to see us consider in determining the greenhouse gas savings attributed to energy savings?
  3. What issues would you like to see us consider in relation to energy affordability?
  4. Should the program incentivise maximising self-consumption of rooftop solar?
  5. How should the program incentivise gas efficiency?
  6. Should the current level of incentives provided to each type of lighting be continued?
  7. What impact would the removal of incentives for lighting have on you?
  8. Are there energy efficiency activities currently not incentivised that should be incentivised?
  9. What issues would you like to see us consider regarding large energy users role in the program?
  10. Is there anything else we should consider as part of the analysis?

Please provide your responses in writing by Monday 3 December 2018, by sending to

Review of Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Regulations

In Victoria, regulations must be remade every 10 years. The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Regulations, which set out the requirements for the Victorian Energy Upgrades program, were made in 2008 and are therefore due to be reviewed and remade before they expire or ‘sunset’ on 11 December 2018.  

Consultation on the proposed Regulations has now closed. The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning would like to thank everyone who provided a submission. The Department is now analysing these submissions and will provide an update in the third quarter of 2018 with the view of finalising the remaking of the Regulations by October 2018.

Visit the Engage Victoria website to subscribe to updates on this review.

New grants for Measurement and Verification projects

The Victorian Government released $250,000 in Custom Upgrades Grants using the Measurement and Verification method. Each individual grant will have a value of up to $25,000. They will support Victorian businesses to fund the initial stages of an energy efficiency project, including case studies, metering and baseline (i.e. “business as usual”) data collection.

The grants application process has now closed.

More information

Decision on proposed changes to Schedule 34 Lighting Upgrade

From 25 September to 1 November 2017, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (the department) consulted on proposed changes to the number of Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) generated by certain types of lighting upgrades under Victorian Energy Upgrades, including a consultation session in October 2017.

Consultation on these proposed changes has now closed, and the department would like to thank those who made a submission.

The Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio, the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change has published in the Government Gazette a Notice of Declaration specifying the discount factors to be applied to certain types of Schedule 34 lighting upgrade activities, as required under Section 19 of the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Act 2007.

From 1 February 2018, discount factors will apply to certain types of lighting upgrades, specifically:

  • T8 or T12 fluorescent lamps in any environment
  • high intensity discharge lamps (metal halide, mercury vapour and high pressure sodium lamps) in building-based environments.

The department’s response to consultation is now available Word (DOCX, 337.0 KB); PDF (PDF, 250.8 KB).

Responses to consultation
(PDF, 1.8 MB)

Discount factor consultation paper
(PDF, 500.6 KB)

Discount factor consultation paper
(DOCX, 350.4 KB)

Victorian Energy Upgrades launched

On 1 August 2017, the Victorian Energy Upgrades program was announced as the new public-facing name of the program established under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Act 2007. New marketing materials, including brochures, case studies, videos and web content, have been developed to raise the profile of the program.

Please refer to the Victorian Energy Upgrades website to view the new marketing materials or for more information.

The ‘Energy Saver Incentive’ name will no longer be used. ‘VEET’ will continue to be used for references to the Act and associated regulations.

You can download presentations from the launch event including the overview of recent changes (PDF, 6.0 MB) and the Project-based activities information session (PDF, 831.6 KB).

Commercial Lighting Issues Paper

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning released the discussion paper (PDF, 1.0 MB) to seek stakeholder feedback on:

  • the remaining opportunities for commercial lighting upgrades through Victorian Energy Upgrades
  • key issues associated with the earlier-than-anticipated achievement of the Victorian Energy Upgrades program target for 2017
  • how the rollout of energy efficiency activities, which historically has rapidly expanded and contracted, impacts participants.

Responses to this discussion paper are now closed and consultation is now open on proposed changes to commercial lighting upgrades. Please see above for further details.

Project-based activities

The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (Project-Based Activities) Regulations 2017—which provide for project-based activities including the Measurement and Verification (M&V) method—came into effect on 19 June 2017. Find out more on the project-based activities page.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning consulted on project-based activities in June 2016. Our response to submissions for the M&V method is now available on the consultation page, and includes all non-confidential submissions.

Large energy user opt in

From 1 August 2017, all large energy users that took part in EPA Victoria’s Environment and Resource Efficiency Plans (EREP) program, and were excluded from the Victorian Energy Upgrades program, will be able to create certificates and liabilities under the program if they choose to do so. Find out more on the large energy user opt in page.

Weather sealing

Changes to weather sealing (Schedule 15) have been introduced to the Regulations and came into effect on 1 July 2017. Please refer to the consultation page to access the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning’s response to the consultation conducted in 2016.

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