The government provides the community with material to:

  • help manage energy consumption and bills
  • improve energy efficiency
  • shop around for the best retail deal
  • access concessions, rebates and incentives.

The Victorian Energy Saver website features energy saving tips and tools, including an energy calculator, an interactive energy efficient house, and advice on shopping around for the best energy retailer.

The website links consumers to details on other Victorian Government initiatives, like the Victorian Energy Upgrades program, which provides discounts on energy efficient products. The site will also direct consumers to the Government's energy retailer price comparative website, Victorian Energy Compare and the Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard, which can provide information on how energy efficient a residential property is and what changes can be made to improve energy cost and comfort.

To take charge of your power bill, visit

Use Victorian Energy Saver tools and calculators to work out the best energy saving solutions.