The Victorian Government is working to improve the energy efficiency of new and existing homes. Energy efficient homes will be more comfortable, cost less to heat and cool and help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Beyond 6-star Homes

Victoria is playing an active role, as part of the National Energy Productivity Plan, to improve the energy efficiency of residential buildings through amendments to the National Construction Code (NCC) from 2022. This work includes a review of the Victorian variation to the energy efficiency requirements in the NCC.

To inform this work, DELWP undertook an evaluation of the impacts of the current 6-star standard (PDF, 4.9 MB) in Victoria which provides evidence of substantial public and private benefits from the previous increase in the energy efficiency requirements for new homes (from 5 to 6 stars).

As-built Compliance Verification

DELWP has partnered with the Victorian Building Authority on the delivery of the Energy Efficiency Inspections Program. This program aims to establish robust evidence on compliance with the energy efficiency requirements of the NCC through 2500 energy efficiency audits of new homes under construction, to be completed by June 2020. These audit findings will be used to build industry capability and improve consumer confidence.

Page last updated: 15/01/20