The Energy Storage Initiative supported and assisted energy storage technologies and projects to improve the reliability of the Victorian electrical system, drive the development of clean technologies, and boost the local economy. It has enhanced system security, resilience and reliability, especially in peak demand periods.

Supporting the integration of energy storage is one of the actions outlined in the Victorian Governments Renewable Energy Action Plan, released in July 2017.

The $25 million Energy Storage Initiative was announced by the Premier, and the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change in 2017, and in March 2018, two projects to build commercially-ready battery storage in western Victoria were selected. Construction was completed in late 2018 with both batteries commencing operations over the 2018-19 summer.

Find out more about large-scale batteries in the information sheet. (PDF, 470.6 KB)

The Projects

The two projects selected under the Energy Storage Initiative are:

Ballarat Energy Storage System

Spotless Sustainability Services lead the consortium which built a 30 megawatt (MW) / 30 megawatt hour (MWh) battery at the Ballarat Terminal Station. The Ballarat battery is strategically located at a key intersection point in the electricity network and will provide much-needed backup power and grid-stabilisation functions which are vital to maintaining a reliable and affordable energy supply in Western Victoria.

The battery system was supplied by Fluence, is owned by AusNet Services, and operated by Energy Australia.

See Spotless Sustainability Services' website for more information

See the Ballarat Energy Storage System reports for information and lessons learnt about the installation, commissioning and operations of the facility.

Ballarat Final Knowledge Share Report (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Ballarat Initial Knowledge Share Report (PDF, 4.3 MB)

Ballarat Operational Report (24 months) (PDF, 510.2 KB)

Ballarat Operational Report (12 months) (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Gannawarra Energy Storage System

Edify Energy delivered a 25MW/50MWh battery co-located with the Gannawarra Solar Farm. The battery at the Gannawarra Solar Farm stores 100 per cent renewable energy. This battery also is used to smooth the output of the Gannawarra solar farm allowing combined solar and battery system to provide power at peak times when there is no sun. This project demonstrates the potential to pair battery storage with solar farms behind the meter to produce less variable and more consistent energy supply. This project is the largest integrated solar farm and battery project in Australia, and among the largest in the world.

The battery is a Tesla Powerpack system, jointly owned by Edify Energy and Wirsol Energy, and operated by Energy Australia.


See Edify Energy’s website for more information

Also see this video of the Gannawarra solar farm and battery, Australia’s largest integrated battery and solar system.

See the Gannawarra Energy Storage System reports for information, lessons learnt about the installation, commissioning and operations of the facility.

Gannawarra Final Knowledge Sharing Report (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Gannawarra Initial Knowledge Sharing Report (PDF, 6.3 MB)

Gannawarra Operational Report (12 months) (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Both batteries were operational over the 2018-19 summer. During the heatwave between 23 to 26 January 2019, the two battery storage projects discharged approximately 140MWh of energy to support the grid when the electricity supply was constrained.

Key Dates

Projects announced and construction commencedMarch 2018
Construction complete (both projects)October 2018
CommissioningOctober - November 2018
Both batteries operating in networkSummer 2018-19

Further Information

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