Woman who's sitting on sofa under warm plaid in living room switches off her air conditioner on wall.

We know that energy prices are impacting Victorian households.

Take control of your energy bills and find out what support is available if you need it to stay warm this winter.

3 quick wins to save money on your next bill

#1 - Find the best energy deal

Check you are on the best energy plan at Victorian Energy Compare. This is the only free, independent energy price comparison website for Victorians and the best place to find the best deal.

#2 - Use an in-home display

These allow you to track and check your household energy use by showing the data from your smart meter. They are available through the Victorian Energy Upgrades program.

#3 - Follow our energy savings tips for the home

The easiest saving you can make is to use your reverse-cycle air conditioner to heat your home. It’s much cheaper than your gas heater, or other forms of heating. Make sure your system is set to the sun icon and the fan icons are on. Discover more tips.

Lock in long-term energy savings

There are a range of programs to help you lock in longer-term savings on your energy bills.

The Victorian Energy Upgrades Program

The Victorian Energy Upgrades program provides access to discounted energy-efficient products, including reverse-cycle air conditioners and hot water upgrades. Yearly, an average household can expect to save $100-$200 by upgrading their hot water system and $150-$600 by upgrading heating.

Solar Victoria's Solar Homes Program

The Solar Victoria’s Solar Homes Program helps eligible households switch to solar, with a rebate of up to $1,400 to install rooftop solar (PV) and the option of an interest free loan to reduce up-front costs. Interest-free loans of up to $8,800 are also available to eligible households to support the installation of a solar battery. Switching to solar can save a typical household more than $1,000 every year on energy bills.

The Residential Efficiency Scorecard

The Residential Efficiency Scorecard, Government-accredited experts in home energy efficiency, provides information specifically for you and your home to help you get the most out of upgrades. These assessments are available through the Victorian Energy Upgrades program.

Get support if you need it

If you are having trouble paying your energy bill, there are rules under Victoria’s Payment Difficulty Framework which mean your energy company must let you know what help is available. Contact your energy company first and ask to speak to their hardship team to discuss your assistance options. This includes paying smaller amounts more often or delaying payment of a bill.

If you’re an eligible concession card holder, you can apply for a range of discounts and rebates to help reduce your bills.

Learn about saving energy and money at www.energy.vic.gov.au/households.

Page last updated: 21/05/24