Hydrogen, zero emissions sign against blue sky

The H2PowerBox combines solar and renewable hydrogen.

This is a reliable alternative to mobile diesel generators for providing off-grid energy, without producing any emissions.

How does it work?

The H2PowerBox can draw water from air humidity. This allows it to operate without traditional water sources.


  • trailer-mounted
  • ultra-efficient solar panels
  • a high-performance electrolyser – which separates hydrogen from water
  • a fuel cell


  • provide disaster relief and support remote communities
  • 24/7 power supply
  • no drawbacks of diesel, including emissions, cost and supply issues, and high maintenance
A sketch of the H2PowerBox shows its trailer-mounted design with solar panels on top

Who was involved?

The project was developed by the Clayton Hydrogen Technology Cluster (Clayton H2), which received $100,000 in Victorian Government funding towards a network of hydrogen clusters across Victoria.

Clayton H2 delivered the project with GreenRen Power and Deloitte Emissions Solutions.

Decon Corporation will make the H2PowerBox’s trailer and complete parts of its assembly at its Melbourne facility.

Further innovation

Decon Corporation received $96,830 through the Victorian Government’s New Energy Jobs Fund last year.

This funding was to develop an alternating current version of its Smart Power Cell. The Smart Power Cell:

  • integrates solar, wind, battery and a diesel charger into a compact system
  • minimises the use of diesel or other fuel sources
  • provides valuable resilience support
  • is environmentally friendly
  • can be deployed rapidly to a large cross section of the community. This builds on the direct current version’s success in telecommunications

The New Energy Jobs Fund

The $20 million New Energy Jobs Fund supports Victorian projects that:

  • create long-term sustainable jobs
  • increase the uptake of renewable energy generation
  • reduce emissions and drive innovation in new energy technologies

This expands and extends renewable energy developments, creating long-term market confidence.

Page last updated: 08/05/24