We are developing a new suite of tools and guidelines that will ensure native wildlife are not harmed by renewable energy projects.

These new renewable energy projects will bring down emissions and deliver cheap and reliable power across the state.


By July 2024

We will release new state-wide maps that show key habitat for native wildlife. These will help renewable energy developers and planners build in areas that have the least impact on wildlife.

By October 2024

Research will be completed to better understand how wind turbines could impact threatened bird and bat species.

This research will determine:

  • the flight height of the Southern Bent-wing Bat
  • ways to reduce bird and bat collisions with turbines
  • detailed research on Brolga breeding sites, so that they can be protected.

Onshore wind turbines in field


Our research will inform the Handbook for the development of renewable energy in Victoria. This handbook will include new guidelines on the planning and construction of renewable projects in Victoria that must be followed.

This will include:

  • a new list of at-risk wildlife that renewable energy developers will need to consider in their planning
  • measures that they can take to prevent harm to those species
  • a template for bat and bird management plans.

This will give industry the best scientific and mapping information available so that they can factor in the protection of our precious wildlife early on in the planning phase. This will result in a more efficient and timely approval process.

The handbook will be finalised following public consultation and engagement with Traditional Owners and industry.

Backed by a $3.8 million investment, these new measures build on the Victorian Government’s move to streamline planning approvals and help get renewable energy built faster.

For more information, visit our Renewable energy project support page.

Page last updated: 30/04/24