Victoria currently has over 28,000 km of Single Wire Earth Return (SWER) and over 60,000 km of 22kV high voltage electricity cables across the state, which are predominantly bare-wire.

The Powerline Bushfire Safety Program (PBSP) opened a grant program in April 2016 that was designed to look for overhead cable technology solutions that would reduce the impact of bushfires starting from bare-wire conductors by bringing into the network new, safer conductors at a lower overall cost than undergrounding powerlines.

The grants were open for businesses and research institutes to develop an innovative cable technology that will reduce the risk of bushfires from powerlines.

Bendigo engineering firm, Groundline Australia, was awarded a grant to develop a safer conductor solution to replace bare-wire powerlines at a lower overall cost to reduce the risk of bushfires starting from powerlines.  Its final report published September 2017 is publicly available here.

Grant program poster

Page last updated: 12/08/20