Following the devastating Black Saturday bushfires in 2009, the Victorian Government established the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission. It was to consider how bushfires can be better prevented and managed in the future.  The Commission observed that powerlines and electricity infrastructure caused many of the major bushfires in 2009 (contributing to 159 of the 173 bushfire-related deaths), as well as earlier major bushfires.

In response to the Royal Commission’s report and recommendations, the Victorian Government established the Powerline Bushfire Safety Program (PBSP). The $750 million program of works had to deliver improvements to reduce the risk of Victorian powerlines causing catastrophic bushfires.

Royal Commission

These documents informed the establishment of the Powerline Bushfire Safety Program:

Research and Development

A $10 million investment in research and development into best proven technologies available to help produce practical and enduring solutions to support efforts to reduce bushfire risk. Documents as follows:


These documents include details of legislative and regulatory reforms that have been introduced in Victoria to establish a long-term legacy of higher safety standards and support industry and regulatory practice improvements towards further gains in community safety:

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