Summary – Victoria's Wind Energy Industry

Last updated 9 January 2018

Status Wind Energy Capacity (MW)
Major operating wind farms 1,519
Approved wind farms (not operational) Up to 2,863
Planning Permit Application lodged with Minister for Planning (permit process underway) 442
Under Construction 216
TOTAL 5,040

Major Operating Wind Farms (over 1 MW)

Wind farm Operator Commissioned Number of generators Maximum power (MW) Location
Ararat RES Australia May 2017 75 240 10 km north east of Ararat
Bald Hills Mitsui & Co. (Australia) Ltd July 2015 52 106 20 km south east of Inverloch
Cape Bridgewater- Portland Wind Energy Project (Stage 2) Pacific Hydro (State Power Investment Corporation) October 2009 29 58 20 km west of Portland
Cape Nelson North and Cape Sir William Grant – Portland Wind Energy Project (Stage 4) Pacific Hydro (State Power Investment Corporation) February 2015 23 47 Near Portland
Cape Nelson South – Portland Wind Energy Project (Stage 3) Pacific Hydro (State Power Investment Corporation) July 2009 22 44 5 km south west of Portland
Challicum Hills Pacific Hydro (State Power Investment Corporation) August 2003 35 52.5 15 km east of Ararat
Chepstowe Future Energy Pty Ltd April 2015 3 6.1 30 km west of Ballarat
Codrington Pacific Hydro (State Power Investment Corporation) 2001 14 18.2 25 km west of Port Fairy
Coonooer Bridge Windlab March 2016 6 19.8 23 km north of St Arnaud
KiataWindlabDec 201793110km south east of Nhill
Leonards Hill Hepburn Wind July 2011 2 4.1 10 km south of Daylesford
Macarthur Malakoff Corporation Berhad and H.R.L. Morrison & Co January 2013 140 420 16 km east of Macarthur
Mortons Lane China Guangdong Nuclear Wind Energy Company May 2012 13 19.5 25 km east of Hamilton
Mount Mercer Meridian Energy September 2014 64 131 30 km south of Ballarat
Oaklands Hill AGL Energy Ltd April 2012 32 67.2 45 km north east of Hamilton
Toora Ratch Australia 2002 12 21 8 km east of Foster
Waubra Acciona Energy 2009 128 192 35 km north west of Ballarat
Wonthaggi Regional Wind Farms 2005 6 12 3 km from Wonthaggi
Yambuk - Portland Wind Energy Project (Stage 1) Pacific Hydro (State Power Investment Corporation) May 2007 20 30 20 km west of Port Fairy
TOTAL    1,519 

Approved Wind Farms (Not Operational)

Proposal Proponent Number of generators Maximum power (MW) Location


Berrimal Acciona Energy 24 72 30 km north west of St Arnaud Sep 2014  
Berrybank Union Fenosa 79 240 60 km south west of Ballarat Aug 2010  
Bulgana Enerfin 63 189 20 km north of Ararat Apr 2015  
Cherry Tree Infigen Energy 16 48 15 km south east of Seymour Nov 2013  
Crowlands Pacific Hydro (State Power Investment Corporation) 41 82 20 km north east of Ararat Aug 2010  
Dundonnell TrustPower 96 288 23 km north east of Mortlake Jun 2016  
Ferguson Future Energy 3 9 9.5 km north of Princetown Feb 2017  
Hawkesdale Union Fenosa 26104 35 km north of Port Fairy. Aug 2008 Jan 2018
Lal Lal (Elaine and Yendon) West Wind Energy 60216 25 km south of Ballarat Apr 2009 Mar 2017
Moorabool West Wind Energy 107 321 25-30 km south east of Ballarat Oct 2010  
Mortlake South Acciona Energy 42126 5 km south of Mortlake Oct 2010 Apr 2017
Murra Warra RES Australia  116 350 25 km north of Horsham Nov 2016  
Ryan Corner Union Fenosa 56224 10 km north of Port Fairy Aug 2008 Jan 2018
Stockyard Hill Goldwind Australia 149 530 35 km west of Ballarat Oct 2010 Jun 2017
Timboon West Future Energy 3 9 8 km north of Peterborough Mar 2017  
Woolsthorpe Wind Farm Developments Up to 20 46 16 km north of Warrnambool Apr 2008 May 2017
YawongFuture Energy3915 km north east of St Arnaud  
TOTAL  2,863   

Planning Permit Applications Lodged with Minister for Planning (Permit Process Underway)

Proposal Proponent New Permit or Amendment to Existing Permit Number of generators Maximum power (MW) Location
Golden PlainsWest WindNew Permit231800Immediately south of Rokewood
NaroghidWind Farm DevelopmentsNew1243.22.2 km north west of Cobden
Nhill Future Energy New 3 9 15 km south east of Nhill
Berrybank Union Fenosa Amendment 79 237 60 km south west of Ballarat
AlbertonSynergy WindNew3411567 km south of Yarram
TOTAL (NEW)   442 

Under Construction

Proposal Proponent Number of generators Maximum power (MW) Location
MaroonaFuture Energy2618 km south west of Ararat
Salt CreekTrustPower155010 km north of Mortlake
Yaloak South Pacific Hydro (State Power Investment Corporation) 14 29 14 km south of Ballan
Mount Gellibrand Acciona Energy 44 132 25 km east of Colac

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