In order to receive a feed-in tariff, you will first need to contact your electricity retailer (or shop around and choose an offer that best suits you) to confirm your eligibility and get the relevant application form and associated terms and conditions.

The feed-in tariff terms and conditions provide protection to customers by informing them of their rights and obligations in relation to feed-in tariffs.

Can I apply for a feed-in tariff?

If you have grid-connected solar panels you may be eligible for a feed-in tariff.

You will not automatically receive a feed-in tariff if you install a solar PV system, so make sure you shop around and speak to electricity retailers about whether you're eligible and what offers are available.

All Victorian electricity retailers with more than 5,000 customers are obliged to offer the Current Feed-in Tariff. They are also obliged to publish feed-in tariff terms and conditions which must be made available to customers on their websites.

Who fills out the form?

You will need to fill out the feed-in tariff application form once you receive it from your electricity retailer.

Where does the form go?

You will need to send the completed form back to your electricity retailer.

Things to watch out for:

Make sure you carefully read your electricity retailer's feed-in tariff terms and conditions before applying for a feed-in tariff, and keep a copy for your records.

Before you sign the forms, you should also check with your electricity retailer about any potential changes to your existing electricity rates if you install solar panels.

If you are receiving any discounts from your electricity retailer, also check whether these will continue.

Some other things to look out for:

  • Are there administration fees for the current Feed-in Tariff?
  • Does your electricity retailer provide the option of direct payments for the electricity you export to the electricity grid, or only credits?
  • Is there a minimum threshold before credits are paid?
  • What happens to excess credits that are more than 12 months old?
  • What happens to any excess credits if you end your contract with your current electricity retailer?

What happens next:

You will only be eligible to start receiving the current Feed-in Tariff once your system is connected to the electricity grid, you have appropriate metering in place and your electricity retail contract has come into effect.

Before this can occur your electricity distributor needs to receive your Solar Connection Form, Electrical Work Request, Certificate of Electrical Safety and a service order request from your electricity retailer for any necessary metering work.

Make sure you have discussed any possible changes to your electricity rates with your retailer before installing your panels. You may find that your retailer will transfer you to a time-of-use pricing structure after installation of solar which means you will be charged different amounts for your electricity at different times of the day.

Check with your electricity retailer for confirmation of the likely timeframes within which you will start receiving your feed-in tariff.

Page last updated: 09/06/17