Your solar panel retailer or installer may be able to assist you with these forms, but to ensure your solar panels are installed and saving you money as quickly as possible, it is important to make sure the following are completed:

What do all these forms do?

It might seem like a lot of paperwork, but each form is required to complete a different step of your solar panel installation process in order to make sure everything runs as quickly and smoothly as possible.

  • The Commonwealth Solar PV STC Assignment and Written Compliance Statement will assign your right to create Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) to your solar retailer or installer, in return for an upfront discount or payment towards your solar system.
  • The Solar Connection Form is required for safety and regulatory reasons, but also to notify your electricity distributor that they need to install an appropriate electricity meter for you, or reconfigure your existing meter.
  • The Electrical Work Request and Certificate of Electrical Safety will both be filled out by your Registered Electrical Contractor (usually the person who installs your solar panels) and sent to your electricity retailer to notify them everything has been wired and tested for safety.
  • All forms associated with the Feed-in Tariff are required for you to start making the most out of your solar panels and receiving credits for any excess electricity you export back to the grid. Without these forms being completed you won't be able to receive a feed-in tariff.

What if I experience delays during the solar installation process?

If you experience delays with any of the following processes, you should first contact your electricity retailer to confirm that all the relevant paperwork (listed above) has been received:

  • the installation of appropriate metering (for eg an interval or smart meter)
  • the connection of your solar panels to the electricity grid
  • receiving a feed-in tariff

If you experience unreasonable delays with the processing of your paperwork and your electricity retailer cannot provide a satisfactory reason for the delay, you can contact the Energy and Water Ombudsman of Victoria (EWOV).

The Energy and Water Ombudsman investigates and facilitates the resolution of customer complaints about electricity, gas and water companies operating in Victoria. Its services are free to consumers.

Energy and Water Ombudsman
1800 500 509

Page last updated: 14/04/20