I have a meter that was not installed by my electricity distributor - can I get a solar feed-in tariff with this meter?

As long as your application meets all eligibility criteria, there is no reason why you should not be able to receive a solar feed-in tariff offer. Read more about Smart Meters here.

What is the difference between an interval and a smart meter?

'Interval meters' are not necessarily 'Smart Meters' - there are different meter types.

However both Interval and Smart Meters measure the imports from and exports to the state's electricity grid on a half hourly basis and therefore allow for eligible customers to receive feed-in tariff credits.

Smart Meters are different because they can be monitored at a remote location which removes the need for 'estimated' meter reads. There is a statewide program in place to install Smart Meters in all Victorian households and small businesses by the end of 2013.

I have a smart meter but I want to install solar PV or another form of renewable energy. Will I need to have another meter installed?

Smart Meters are the standard metering in Victoria. They were designed to be reconfigurable so that any solar or renewable energy customer can access feed-in tariffs without the need for a separate meter.  

Old-style (analogue) meters are unable to safely handle two-way energy flows and must be replaced upon the installation of solar PV or another form of renewable energy.  

Smart Meters are designed to also function with solar and other renewable energy systems and can measure two-way power for feed-in tariffs. However, you will most probably need to arrange for your electricity distributor to reconfigure your meter in order to switch on the import/export functionality. In many cases this can be done remotely, saving you money.  

Your retailer must be contacted for your solar PV installation to proceed and can make the arrangements to have your smart meter reconfigured. Your Smart Meter is part of the electricity infrastructure operated by the Victorian electricity distribution businesses: Jemena, United Energy, AusNet Services, Citipower and Powercor.

Page last updated: 30/03/20