Tracker & Direct Beam Pyrheliometer

Pyranometer for measuring global and direct radiation

Average Annual Global Irradiation

Seasonal Solar Radiation @ 25o Incline

Access to the Electricity Grid

LGAs Relative to Electricity and Gas Grids

Sources of Solar Data

Comprehensive listing of data available at:
BOM has hourly direct radiation data for Melbourne, Mildura, Wagga and Mount Gambier
Early 1990's: SECV project collected global, direct, diffuse irradiance at minute intervals for 3 years at Mildura, Albury/Wodonga, Bendigo and 11 interstate sites (also coincident wind speed and wet/dry bulb air temperature) Data available from BOM. SV has summary data on CD.
Summary data in Australian Solar Radiation Data Handbookavailable from ANZSES
Victorian maps and data set of direct solar radiation available from the BoMat end of June 09 based on satellite data.

Australian Solar Radiation Data

Solar Monitoring Stations

Station NameFirstLastFirstLastFirstLast
901BENDIGO SECV1993199519931995  
998BROADMEADOWS(GLENLITTA AVE)1997200619972006  
43BUNDOORA (LATROBE UNI)19801981    
32KYABRAM (IRRIG RES.STN)19751992    
10LAVERTON AMO19681995  19681979
301MELBOURNE AIRPORT1999200819992008  
62MELBOURNE HO (DRUMMOND ST)19671976  19671980
12MELBOURNE HO (LONSDALE ST)19761986   1980
999MELBOURNE HO (LONSDALE ST)19971998   1980
351MILDURA19962005   1979
13MILDURA AMO1969199519962005 1979
903MILDURA SECV19931995   1979
33WARRAMBINE (BASIN NO 1)1978198419931996  
N/AEAST SALE     1987
902ALBURY SECV1994199519941996  
21WAGGA AMO19681990  19681980
201WAGGA WAGGA(WAGGA AMO)199720081997199619681980
16MT.GAMBIER AMO19681992 200819681976
501MT.GAMBIER AMO199320061998200619681976

Solar Monitoring Stations

Solar Monitoring Stations Direct

Solar Monitoring Stations - ASRDH

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