Download historic data for solar measurements for Mildura, Albury and Bendigo:

Solar historic data (ZIP, 1.4 MB)

Further acquisition of ground-based solar data is now underway.  

Solar Atlas

The Victorian solar atlas gives investors, developers, researchers and communities up-to-date information about Victoria's world class solar resources.

The atlas provides solar resource data overlayed with aspects which dictate the economic, technical and environmental viability to develop solar projects in Victoria.

These aspects include location of critical infrastructure such as electricity networks. The atlas provides information of sufficient quality and quantity to potentially support commercial decisions to be made concerning the feasibility of installation of large and medium scale solar generation facilities. The detailed data collated for the atlas is available for free download.

The solar atlas enables solar developers and potential investors to view time-series solar and climatic data measured at one minute intervals from ground stations; as well as hourly solar and climatic data for five kilometre grid sections based on calibrated satellite imagery across Victoria.

The atlas enables accurate prediction of the potential energy generation of all types of solar energy technology such as solar photovoltaic power stations, solar thermal power generation and solar hot water.

The Victorian Government has also commissioned a study, prepared by Black and Veatch, which examines the suitability of different solar power technologies for Victoria's solar resources. The results of the study indicate that Victoria's solar resources are comparable with those of major global solar markets and that any commercially available utility scale solar generating technology could work in Victoria's solar energy regime.

The project was delivered by Hydro Tasmania Consulting with the assistance of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), Powercor and the Queensland Government.

The atlas is available online through GeoVic, the department's online mapping tool.

Solar Atlas

You will need to select the latest version, GeoVic 3. Both registered and anonymous user versions are available. The solar atlas is available as a layer under the "themes" icon. Please refer to the help files available on the Geovic website.

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