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Victoria is perfectly positioned to lead the nation in establishing a thriving new offshore wind industry. That's because Victoria has:

  • world-class offshore wind resources
  • a skilled regional workforce
  • a track record of delivering onshore renewable energy projects
  • established renewable energy supply chains.

We are designing a fit-for-purpose legislative and regulatory framework for offshore wind. It will balance:

  • support for the industry
  • environmental considerations
  • community and stakeholder expectations
  • recognition of the legal rights of Traditional Owners.

By the end of this year, we will introduce legislation to give offshore wind proponents the certainty they need to proceed with their investments.

Offshore Wind Energy Victoria

To kick-start the development of the offshore wind sector, Offshore Wind Energy Victoria (OWEV) was established as a division within the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action. OWEV is a one-stop shop and single point of entry for industry and community engagement.

Sector development updates

Our Offshore Wind Energy Implementation Statements support and guide industry and the Victorian community on the development of the offshore wind sector.

We have released two implementation statements, with Implementation Statement 3 to be released in late 2023.

Latest updates

An overview of Offshore Wind Implementation Statement 2 (March 2023) updates is provided below. You can also find the full statement below, and a Q&A from the stakeholder briefing session.

We’re taking an industry-led approach to delivering the first tranche of offshore wind power.

We will develop the optimal procurement and support package for the first tranche of offshore wind which may include a contract for difference and complementary contributions for capital and financing.

This competitive process will give Victorians the best value for money and enable us to meet our ambitious timelines. It also means the community will benefit through jobs, training and local business development.

VicGrid will provide a coordinated connection point near the Gippsland Coast and Portland. This will enable up to 2.5 GW of capacity in both areas. Community consultation for this transmission planning has commenced. Visit Engage Victoria to read the Offshore Wind Transmission Development and Engagement Roadmap and see the next steps in the process.

The Victorian Renewable Energy Terminal will be established at the Port of Hastings, which has been chosen as Australia’s first assembly port to support offshore wind.

This is subject to environmental and planning approvals. An extensive consultation process is underway. This will ensure Traditional Owners, the community and stakeholders have their say.

An independent Environment Effects Statement assessment process also needs to occur before the Port is developed.

Visit the Port of Hastings website to learn more.

We will ensure jobs and businesses benefit from the first tranche of offshore wind power.

This includes through requiring offshore wind projects to consider local capability in their projects. We will support businesses to understand how they can best engage in offshore wind supply chains.

We have begun developing a renewable energy workforce development plan to support the offshore wind sector. This will inform work to help Victorian workers to secure the renewable energy jobs of the future.

We will also be assessing the opportunities to develop a Victorian Renewable Energy Supply Chain Hub. This will support the long-term development of Victorian renewable energy industries, with an initial focus on offshore wind energy.

We will deliver a three-stage, fit-for-purpose regulatory framework with work beginning this year. The framework will reflect global best practice. It will also complement Australian Government legislation.

This framework will establish Victoria as Australia's leading jurisdiction for offshore wind investment. It will also help Victoria make the most of its offshore wind resources. This will benefit Aboriginal Victorians, regional communities and other stakeholders.

Implementation Statement 2 builds on Implementation Statement 1 and the Policy Directions Paper.

Energy Innovation Fund

Three offshore wind projects secured almost $40 million in funding through Round 1 of the Energy Innovation Fund to conduct pre-feasibility activities that would assist in learnings to develop this new sector.

Learn more about the Energy Innovation Fund and these offshore wind projects.

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