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Victoria is spearheading Australia’s offshore wind sector.

Offshore wind is already a major energy supplier to Europe and is being developed at a large scale in both Asia and America. It will be a vital part of Victoria’s clean energy transition.

Today, fossil fuels for energy account for more than half of Victoria’s carbon emissions. We're committed to reducing emissions by between 28% to 33% by 2025, by between 45%-50% by 2030 and achieving net zero by 2050.

Offshore wind has the potential to bring massive amounts of energy into our grid to support our switch to renewables.

A key benefit of offshore wind technology is that it doesn't need extra land space. This makes it the perfect complement to our booming onshore wind and solar industries.

It is a key pillar in Victoria’s future energy supply infrastructure.

Offshore wind future video

Driving jobs and investment in Victoria

Policy directions paper

The Victorian offshore wind policy directions paper outlines our state’s vision for offshore wind. It paves the way for Victoria to host the first offshore wind farms in Australia.

The plan includes procuring an initial offshore wind tranche of at least 2 GW. The aim is for the first power to come online progressively from as soon as 2028 following a competitive process. It sets ambitious targets of 4 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2035 and 9 GW by 2040.

Victoria has some of the world’s best offshore wind resources. Our coastal regions have the potential to support 13 GW of capacity by 2050. That’s 5 times the current renewable generation in Victoria.

Maximising the huge potential of our local wind resources could sustain up to 6,100 jobs:

  • 3,100 local jobs for 15 years during the development and construction phases
  • and an extra 3,000 ongoing jobs during operations.

Public consultation - next steps

From 29 April to 1 August 2022, we asked for consultation on the policy directions paper. The consultation period has now closed. The Offshore Wind Team is analysing the feedback received throughout the consultation. We are considering how the feedback can be incorporated into the final design of the Implementation Statement.

We will also develop a report outlining the consultation results and feedback received, which will be published on the Engage Victoria - Victoria’s Offshore Wind Policy Directions Paper.


Offshore wind projects

In November 2021, the Victorian Government made Australia's largest single offshore wind announcement.

Three offshore wind projects secured almost $40 million in funding through Round 1 of the Energy Innovation Fund.

  1. Seadragon Offshore Wind Farm
  2. Great Southern Offshore Wind Farm
  3. Star of the South Offshore Wind Project

Together these projects could generate more than:

  • 40% of Victoria's electricity consumption
  • 5,500 jobs
  • $18 billion in investment.

The funding will support feasibility studies and pre-construction development activities. It will also bring forward the investment required to support the creation of a competitive offshore wind sector in Victoria.

It will also provide knowledge-sharing opportunities for all participants.

This will help inform Victorian Government decisions about:

  • the impacts of offshore wind on Victoria’s future energy supply
  • how to best support further development of a viable and competitive offshore wind sector.

It will support creating a thriving, innovative energy sector in Victoria post-2025.

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