A Licence to Construct and Operate a Pipeline must be obtained by the proponent and is to be approved by the Minister.  This includes the approval of a Consultation Plan  and land access, either by agreement or compulsory acquisition.   An application for a pipeline licence must be made in an approved form.

An Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is required prior to construction of all pipelines. The Pipeline Regulations 2017 set out the matters to be included in a CEMP.

A Safety Management Plan (SMP) is required prior to construction of any pipeline. This is administered by Energy Safety Victoria (ESV).

A Licence to Operate a Pipeline is then required prior to final commissioning of the pipeline.

Consultation Plan

An approved Consultation Plan is required prior to a proponent giving notice to each land owner and occupier of intention to enter land or of a pipeline corridor. The purpose of the plan is to set out the information that the proponent is to provide to owner and occupiers affected by the proposed pipeline.

For further advice on when and how to make application for approval of a consultation plan, please contact pipeline.regulation@delwp.vic.gov.au

Land Access and Acquisition

The owner and the occupier of land are each entitled to compensation from a licensee for the use of and impacts to their land. Pipeline licensees must present clear and accurate information during negotiations that will outline the impacts and management practices associated with pipeline development.

The Act requires the proponent to describe the processes relating to compulsory acquisition, including the Land Acquisition and Compensation Act 1986 in the approved consultation information.

Pipeline Operations

Once a pipeline has been constructed, its operational safety and environmental plans are regulated by ESV.

An Environmental Management Plan and Safety Management Plan for the operation of a pipeline are required to be accepted prior to the commencement of operations.

Native Title Act 1993

The Native Title Act 1993 recognizes the rights of and interests in the land by indigenous people. Applications for new pipelines and alterations to existing routes trigger the application of the Native Title Act if the proposed construction and modification impact native title holders.

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