Australia’s largest integrated battery and solar farm is now fully operational in North Western Victoria, providing much needed power to the state’s energy grid.

Located outside of Kerang, the Gannawarra Energy Storage System is a 25-megawatt/50-megawatt hour system using Tesla batteries which are integrated with the Gannawarra solar farm.

The 7500 m2 battery is charged by the solar farm and stores 100 per cent renewable energy, which can be injected into the electricity grid at key times.

This is Tesla’s second biggest battery in Australia and among the largest of its kind in the world - big enough to power 16,000 households for 2 hours during peak demand.

Victoria has two operational large-scale battery storage projects, one in Gannawarra in addition to the Ballarat Energy Storage System.

Along with being able to store and quickly release energy, these large-scale batteries will also help integrate new renewable energy into the Victorian grid.

Solar Farm 1

Page last updated: 27/07/20