The new laws are called the National Energy Customer Framework (NECF) and have been agreed by the Ministerial Council on Energy (MCE), consisting of the Energy Ministers of all States and Territories, and the Commonwealth.

In June 2012, the Victorian Government announced it will defer its transition to the NECF in order to put in place arrangements to ensure there is no reduction in key protections for Victorian consumers.

The NECF is to be enabled by the National Energy Retail Law which was passed by the South Australian Parliament – as the lead legislating jurisdiction - in March 2011.

The NECF provides the regulatory and institutional framework for energy retail regulation at the national level.  This framework provides:

  • institutional arrangements to support full retail contestability; and
  • an energy specific customer protection framework to ensure that customers have an acceptable level of access to these essential services.

Decision Papers

Victoria's approach to the NECF is to secure the most efficient and effective regulatory regime for the energy sector in Victoria, which leverages the benefits of a coordinated national framework, and ensures Victorian energy customers benefit in the transition. This paper outlines the Government's approach to implementation of the NECF, drawing on the consultation undertaken through the discussion papers published on this page.

The National Energy Customer Framework in Victoria

Discussion Papers

The former Department of Primary Industries published two discussion papers in relation to Victorian regulatory requirements and jurisdiction of the Energy and Water Ombudsman as they relate to the NECF in July 2011.

Submissions to those paper have now closed. The two discussion papers and associated submissions are available below.

Extending the jurisdiction of the Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria)

Victoria-Specific Regulatory Requirements Under The National Energy Customer Framework

Submissions received:

Victoria-Specific Regulatory Requirements paper submissions:

Energy and Water Ombudsman paper submissions

Previous Discussion Papers

As part of the process to develop legislation to apply the NECF, the former DPI released two discussion papers in April 2011. Submissions to those papers have now closed.

The two discussion papers and associated submissions are available below.

Energy Customer Contracts (Victoria) Transition Issues

Victorian Licensing Arrangements – Issues Paper

Submissions received:

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