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What is solar energy?

Solar energy is energy created by the heat and light of the sun. Solar power is produced when this energy is converted into electricity or used to heat air, water, or other substances.

Installing solar systems can bring many benefits to households and businesses. Solar power can help customers reduce energy costs. Solar systems can also give customers a sense of independence and act as a hedge against increasingly costly grid energy.

A renewable energy system at home can help reduce household bills and greenhouse gas emissions is more popular than ever in Victoria, with significant rebates available to help you save even more.

Solar Homes Program

Solar Victoria is responsible for the delivery of the Solar Homes Program.

Over 10-years, the Solar Homes Program will enable the installation of solar panels, solar hot water systems or batteries on homes across the Victoria, resulting in over one million Victorian homes powered by renewable energy.

The program will help hundreds of thousands of Victorian households to cut their power bills all while promoting and maintaining the highest standards in safety and quality possible using accredited providers and approved products.

Rebates are available to help with the cost of installing solar, including:

Start your research and learn more about what solar products best suit your home. Our solar buyers guides will help you learn more about solar products so you can start talking to retailers and saving more with solar.

Page last updated: 07/09/22