Submission from Insulation Council of Australia and New Zealand

RE: Ceiling insulation regulation amendments consultation 2016

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Ceiling Insulation Regulation Amendment Consultation 2016.

ICANZ agrees with the findings of KPMG and supports the proposed changes to the VEET Regulations to include only non-conductive insulation types for retrofitting across existing residential ceiling spaces.

ICANZ members have been manufacturing and supplying reflective foil insulation to the Australian building industry for over 60 years. Over this time they have increased the range of products and their application in the building and services industries. Currently they remain the major manufacturers and suppliers of reflective foil insulation. Whereas reflective foil insulation has some unique properties and has established its effective use in a range of applications and facings, at no time over this long period have ICANZ members recommended or warranted the use of reflective foil insulation for ceiling applications in residential housing.

The key reasons for ICANZ supporting VEET regulatory recommendations include those identified by KPMG:

  1. an increased safety risk during and post installation to those entering the attic space.
  2. unable to justify and warrant the required R3.5 performance of installed reflective foil in Victoria's climate.
  3. over the past three and a half years ICANZ, Insulation Australasia, the Wall and Ceiling Industries Association and the Clean Energy Council have developed and implemented an accredited insulation installer training program. The content of the course has a major focus on site and product safety and includes any updates to Australian insulation installation standards. For reasons outlined above the installation course content does not include any training regarding installing conductive insulation across ceiling spaces.

We look forward to continue to work with the Victorian Government to re-establish insulation in a satisfactory manner in the VEET program.

Yours sincerely,
Dennis D'Arcy

The membership of the Insulation Council of Australia and New Zealand (ICANZ) manufacture and supply approximately 70% of insulation used by the building industry. The Industry provides employment directly and indirectly to over 4000 people. All ICANZ members are affiliated internationally through their production technology and provide products that meet all required manufacturing and product standards.

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