Reintroduction of incentives for ceiling insulation

Consultation on the reintroduction of incentives for ceiling insulation closed in December 2015. The stakeholder submissions are listed below and the response to those submissions is available here:

Reintroducing ceiling insulation in the VEET scheme - Response to December 2015 consultation (DOCX, 647.3 KB)

Restricting incentives for non-conductive insulation products

Consultation occurred  on restricting incentives for ceiling insulation in the VEET scheme to non-conductive insulation products. The proposed changes to the VEET Regulations were:

  • to restrict the type of insulation products eligible for VEET incentives to non-conductive products, and
  • to update the referenced ceiling insulation installation standard.

The proposed changes were outlined in more detail in this paper:

Consultation-2016-Proposed-changes-to-eligible-products-and-standards-under-the-VEET-Scheme (DOCX, 648.2 KB)

This consultation closed in February 2016. Written submissions were received from four stakeholders, all of whom supported the proposed changes to eligible ceiling insulation products. These submissions are listed below.

The  Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning would like to thank everyone who has shown interest in the consultation.

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